About PC Recycler

Don't Dump, Donate! The PC Recycler take back and reuse campaign (for personal computers) has been helping the environment and our local community since 1998. This scheme ended in 2017

If you have redundant IT equipment suitable for reuse, and you would like to dispose of it in a socially aware and environmentally friendly manner, use an appropriate collection service.

Reuse is better than recycling
 'WRAP'  says " The repair and re-use of electronic products has a range of environmental and social benefits"  :-  http://www.wrap.org.uk/content/re-use-protocols-electrical-products


Promote repair and re-use with the restart project :- http://therestartproject.org/about/

Local award winning project
The PC Recycler community IT project (CommIT) earned a top award in 2006. 
400+ computers given away to our local community.

See our community showcase for details of other projects we have been involved with. 

About PC Recycler
PC Recycler was founded in 1998 by one family to promote the reuse of  'redundant' computers, and  to obtain free computer equipment for local primary schools. With the help of Blackpool Borough Council, Blackpool Council for Voluntary Service, and Blackpool challenge partnership, this computer reuse project has become a self supporting social enterprise based in Blackpool, Lancashire, UK.
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