Free Collection

The quantity, distance to collection point and specification/age of equipment are all used to determine if we will provide free collection.

This is primarily a reuse project, the equipment should be in good working order. The ideal situation is when the equipment has just been removed from a working environment following an upgrade.

Each collection will be individually assessed, please email us with with full description of equipment:-

Minimum amount:- 20 locally, increasing with distance (from Blackpool) to collection point. 

Minimum specification for Base units:-  Not older than 5 years. 

Minimum specification for PC compatible screens:- Not older than 5 years  (no CRT's)

Minimum specification for printer:- Not older than 5 years 

Any specification laptop/notebook computer

NOTE :- this does not affect agreements with existing suppliers.

PC Recycler will accept single items for reuse if they can be delivered to us.

The Helping Hand charity has collection vehicles in Blackpool, and will collect single systems for a small charge. This is not a PC Recycler service, and you should contact HH direct on 01253 621366
An alternative, if the equipment is in good working order and suitable for reuse, is a website dedicated to donating single items of IT equipment to voluntary organisations at:-
Donate a PC