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Jul 5, 2015 - 2 minute read - meetings

Nodemcu - meeting 4th July 2015

Attending:- Mike Hull, Mike Hewitt, Ricky, Joe, Les, Tony, Jeff and Olly Basement Space update One Half of the flooring is done. Next job is to baton and board the walls. Mike and Olly discussed the layout of the network cables. James generated a fair amount of traffic on the mailing list by asking for help reseating the heat sink on his overheating Dell i7 laptop. The opportunity to dismantle this machine was enthusiastically accepted, and even brought Olly out of retirement.

Jul 1, 2015 - 1 minute read - meetings

Pirates Vs Ninjas with the ESP8266 - Meeting 27th June 2015

Attending: Mike Hull, Mike Hewitt, Ricky, Joe, James and Arthur Basement Space Update. One half of the basement space is tanked and insulated. The flooring has tongue and groove fittings down the sides and along the ends. All the edge joins are being glued as the floor goes down. This is the ESP8266 project produced by Arthur The ESP8266 is programmed to provide a Pirates Vs Ninjas open wireless network. You connect with your phone or Laptop, and are presented with a basic web page with two buttons which you can click on to vote Pirate or Ninja.

Jun 22, 2015 - 1 minute read - meetings

Meeting and Basement update

Attending: Mike Hull, Mike Hewitt, Les, Tony, Arthur, Ricky, Joe, James, Keiran and Phyllis. As mike indicated in his mailing list post, one half of the room has had the floor insulation added, and work on the wall insulation has started. Showing the thickness of the floor insulation. Two pairs of legs standing on it for context. This is the thickness of insulation on the walls. Batons go on next, then plasterboard.

Jun 6, 2015 - 1 minute read - meetings

Blackpool LUG and Makerspace meeting 6th June 2015

Attending: Mike Hull, Mike Hewitt, Les, Tony, Ricky, Keiran and Phyllis. Basement space renovations. The basement is being ‘tanked’ with this waterproof slurry which is applied with a brush. When the floor and walls have been done at this end of the room, All this stuff will be moves along to allow the other half of the space to be ‘tanked’ On the floor above the restorations, various hacking and making making projects are ongoing.

Jun 1, 2015 - 7 minute read - LUG

Blackpool LUG a brief history 2004 - 2015

Blackpool LUG (Linux User Group) was founded in 2004. First a few comments from some of our regular visitors. Then a couple of items from each year taken from the mailing list here:- Lug really is for All! My 1st Lug meeting (January 2013) was full of intrepidation. I had my 1st Linux issue & it seemed that Lug was the only place to sort it. But I was an “OLD WOMAN” with little/no computer knowledge and Lug at that time was populated only by males of various ages - bright young things old enough to be my kids or grandkids… Now I’m even older & I’ve enjoyed lots of Lug meetings in a friendly, fun way where I was made to feel immediately welcome and comfortable.

May 30, 2015 - 1 minute read

Blackpool LUG and Makerspace May 30th 2015

Attending: Mike Hull, Mike Hewit, Joe, Ricky, Tony Jeff and Martin This week Tony experimented with an Arduino driving motors salvaged from floppy/hard drives, with Martin as an interested observer. Ricky was repairing his robot which had suffered from a ‘meltdown’ Joe continued working on his gaming servers, while I looked at dcore Linux, a Debian derivative of tinycore Linux which can include self contained applications. Ongoing restoration of the basement space The two new concrete lintels in place above the doors.