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Feb 26, 2011 - 1 minute read - meetings

Meeting - discussing Lug direction and projects.

The full two hour meeting was used to discuss the direction the LUG should move in, and some projects that we could undertake. The two projects that generated the most interest, were MythTV, and Xbox hacking. By the end of the meeting, it was decided to make a start on MythTV using Mythbuntu. The Mythbuntu iso was downloaded in readiness for next week. Update: We had varying degrees of success and failure with Mythbuntu, use mythbuntu in the searchbox to see all posts.

Feb 21, 2011 - 3 minute read

Blackpool LUG - On the road again!!! 19/02/2011

Well the LUG wasn’t on, but that didn’t stop some foolhardy folks from getting on a train to Manchester, bags full of kit, large cardboard tube under arm, and large florentina butties from Rustica waiting for them… First of all there was the CHUG! A bit like the Radio 1 roadshow, but without drunken debauchery, we hit the tracks on the train to Manchester. First of all there was Tony’s new toy, his Toshiba R500 laptop (of which he has two).

Feb 14, 2011 - 2 minute read - meetings

Blackpool LUG Meeting 12/02/2011

Well a slightly reduced number this week, but the quality wasn’t reduced. There was Mark * Dave * Jon * Les * Mike * Peter * Ed There wasn’t much hacking this week, instead we had a general chat, then did a bit of tinkering. Our chat related to patent trolling (SCO / Microsoft), Linux distros for newbies, and Gnome-Do. Peter wanted to know how to use shortcuts to perform tasks / open applications quickly.

Feb 5, 2011 - 3 minute read - meetings

Blackpool LUG Meeting 05/02/11

Another week, another new face…welcome to the LUG Donald. Today we had Donald * Ed * Tony * Mike * Dave * Colin * Les * Jon * Mark Topics covered this week were Installing Puppy Linux to a hard drive * Using Bluetooth to tether a phone to a laptop * The (in)famous Joggler * Mark’s Open Pandora [flickr video=5418276473 secret=386ce7896b w=400 h=240] Video - Mark’s fantastic Open Pandora. Installing Puppy Linux to a hard drive Jon, Mike, Colin and Donald investigated how to install Puppy on to a laptop.

Jan 30, 2011 - 3 minute read - meetings

Blackpool LUG Meeting 29/01/11

[]([![]( ]( []( week with lots to do and lots of people there. This we had 8 attendees Mike * Dave * Arran * Colin * Ed * John * Les * And new member Mark, Hi Mark! Dave and Les continued there session on virtual machines, this we we learnt how to use an ISO disc image as a CD/DVD in Virtualbox. We also investigated installing an OS on the virtual hard drive.

Jan 22, 2011 - 4 minute read - meetings

Blackpool LUG Meeting 22/01/2011

Those present, an outstanding 9 People WOW!!! The highest number of attendees EVER!! * Mike * Tony * Peter * Les * Rob * Ed * Arran * John * Dave What did we do today? Les talked about UCubed, an event that he is organising in Manchester on the 2nd of April. UCubed is an event that brings together the Ubuntu and Debian communities for a day of talks, hacking, learning and fun.