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Aug 24, 2010 - 1 minute read - sbc

Icop VSX-6115

Icop VSX-6115 – Dec. 18, 2007 – Icop Technology’s “low-power embedded controller” is effectively a complete headless PC crammed onto a board measuring 4 x 2.6 inches. The VSX-6115 runs Linux on a 32-bit x86-compatible Vortex86SX SoC from DMP Electronics, clocked at 300MHz.

Aug 24, 2010 - 5 minute read -

ARM development on a virtual platform

This is an article related to what is commonly called the Virtual Platform or Virtual Prototype. There are probably many definitions of what this means. here it means the Virtual Platform as a software model of a hardware system, created for the purpose of running embedded software and verifying the hardware/software interaction. Here are some general characteristics to help clarify what the Virtual Platform is: Runs unmodified target code * Uses instruction accurate models of processors * Provides a full programmers view * Runs very fast (may be faster than the hardware it emulates) * Has excellent visibility and control (compared to physical hardware) * Is easy to distribute to many users Virtual Platforms have been available since somebody had the idea to make a software model of the hardware.

Aug 21, 2010 - 1 minute read - meetings

Meeting - Installing without CD/Floppy/USB

This week, the meeting centred around finding a way to install Linux onto a Toshiba notebook owned by Tony. The notebook has no CD or Floppy drive, and could not be set to boot from USB. The solution was to take the hard disk out and attach it to another computer, install Linux then put the drive back in the notebook. An adapter purchased on ebay for a couple of Pounds was used.

Jul 31, 2010 - 5 minute read - meetings


This week at Blackpool LUG there was Mike, Colin, Tony and Les What we did / discussed today ** 1. Colin’s Project of the Week 2. Compiling wireless drivers for Colin’s dongle 3. Microsoft offering free Microsoft products to students - Has Linux put them on the back foot? 4. Using Free and Open Source Software to transition from Windows to Linux 5. The problem with Linux is… 6. QEMU - Try other distributions 7.