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Jan 26, 2010 - 1 minute read - Reference

GNU ARM toolchain guide from IBM

Extract:- The toolchain provides the ever-popular GDB for debugging low-level programs. When the program is targeted for a single-board computer with a JTAG or ICE unit attached, you can use the Sourcery G++ Lite debugger (gdb) to debug the ARM code remotely. If you wish to test the code as I did—on the Android Linux system running on a mobile phone—you need to attach the phone to the workstation using the USB cable that came with it, then use the Android software development kit’s (SDK’s) adb push command to transfer the program to the phone.

Jan 26, 2010 - 3 minute read

Development tools and boards from Olimex DOCUMENTS: * ARM-JTAG.pdf * ARM low cost debuggind application note by ARM Inc. * Student’s guide for building low cost debugging environment by ARM Inc. * ARM Jtag debugging with wiggler and OpenOCD by Martin Thomas * Using OpenOCD as Flash programming tool article written by Martin Thomas * ARM projects with OpenOCD by Martin Thomas * Using Open Source Tools for AT91SAM7 Cross Development - Revision B guide by Jim Lynch * (the old) ARM Cross Development with Eclipse (10MB) REV-3 very detailed tutorial by Jim Lynch how to setup and works with the free GNUARM tools ARM-JTAG and LPC2106 board.